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Av. Universidad No. 60, C.C. Universidad, Locales 3 y 4,
El Limón, Maracay
Edo. Aragua - Venezuela
Tlfs.: (58-0243) 283.85.23 - 283.55.66
Cel: (58 416) 645.41.73
Fax : (58-0243) 283.97.10

Developed by: Saintel Consultores, C.A
Company of Iseca Group

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In-place density tests at the Metro of Valencia Train Yard
Quality Control of Concrete  Slump Tests and Concrete Cylinder Casting
Special Testing Unconfined Compression
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Analysis of Fill Materials / Bases / Subbases.
Compaction (Proctor) Tests.

C.B.R. Penetration Tests

On Site Density Testing:

Nuclear Density Devices.
Sand Cone Tests.
Volume Tests (balloon).


Statistical design of quality control testing.

Soil Clasification Tests (Grain size analysis, Atterberg limits).
Direct Shear.
Unconfined Compression.
Unit Weight.
Specific Gravity.
Aerial View of Leachate Ponds Quality Control of earthwork (compaction of berms)
Investigation on Treatment of Drilling Muds and Waste Oil Pits Cleaning